Amazon Organic Inc.


Our hydroponic farm grows highly nutritious leafy greens, culinary herbs, peppers, vegetables and more with less labor and maintenance than traditional through smart farming. We minimize logistic costs and shorten the farm-to-table journey with portable and transportable hydroponic farms. 


We adopt and cultivate smart farming methods using premium characteristics and yield potential in mind. This presents an opportunity for farmers and investors to profit from the potential upside of our premium production contracts as well as the benefits of planting most innovative food and feed-grade soybeans and be assured of the harvest’s yield. 


Corn is the primary source of energy to feed cattle, poultry and is also grown to be consumed by humans. Input planning is based on the expectations of production for every sowing season, with the aim to achieve the highest cost/benefit and also the decision about the varieties to be planted is from our research database as well as according to the bio-technology that we have identified as essential to our production process. 

Corn plays an important role in our rotation of crops since it creates a huge amount of straw which assists in protecting the soil, help recycle nutrients, and boost organic matter in the soil.