In a relatively short time, and with a significant tendency towards the oil and gas industry, EKAA has established itself as a leading single source solution service provider for large and mid-scale offshore and onshore projects that are tailored to meet the customers’ complete requirements.  

EKAA performs engineering, design and procurement, project management manufacturing and construction employing in-house expertise in various facilities, including the processing of oil and natural gas pipeline construction power, petrochemical, and treatment of water. 

Our skilled team of engineers, offshore staff and the operations team always strive to provide our customers with the best solutions for all demands of modern-day. Our design methods are practical and logical which leads to solutions that meet the objectives by allowing secure eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective implementation of the projects. 


BHOOMI is a trading company based in Dubai, UAE. The primary focus of the company is to market and trade with crude oil and petroleum products.  

With our enviable network of experienced partners, we primarily focus on the following two areas  

  1. Crude Oil and Petroleum Products trading
  2. Oil-field & Industrial supplies

Our partners have successfully delivered 100+ million litres of crude and petroleum products to various Government , Semi-Government and large customers. We market and supply crude oil and petroleum products from few of the richest oil reserves across the globe and also have an excellent track record of successful oil-field and industrial installations majorly in the Middle-East countries.